Live Public Speaking Classes in Denver Colorado!

Create a bigger impact with your message, gain new clients and attract better opportunities!

Mastering the skill of public speaking can be a major positive game-changer for your business or career.

It may or may not surprise you to know that people avoid public speaking, even when they KNOW that avoiding speaking can have a negative impact on their careers.

In fact, 20% of workers would willingly step aside to let someone else give a presentation, even if it lost them respect at work.


Of those who don't avoid presenting 70% agree it's critical to their success at work.

Don't be like the first group, be like the second group!.You can LEARN to present effectively and feel good about it without losing your own authentic style.

This insight is from a 2014 online survey of 2,031 US workers conducted by Nielsen and Harris Interactive.

The Denver Women's Speak-Easy

Upgrade your communication skills! A master-class for the women of Denver who are seeking regular speaking instruction and practice. We meet 3 times a month on Tuesday evenings for inspiration and skill building. Drop in visitors welcome.

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Public Speaking Workshop for Introverts

Don't let fear limit your professional and personal possibilities. This two day workshop is a fun way to learn to get more comfortable speaking up. We will share practical techniques in an introvert-friendly environment! Learn to let our voice be heard and shine! The next workshop begins January 11th, 2020.

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Keynote Confidence Rehearsal Day

If you are already a public speaker and you want to keep developing your skills and testing out new material, the rehearsal day is for you. This is a one-day workshop where experienced speakers can test material and receive audience feedback and spot-coaching.

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Join Us At The Speak-Easy!

We meet the 1st, and 3rd Tuesday of Every Month in Denver Colorado, from 6:30-9:00 pm. Click the button to see a list of upcoming dates and topics- and to RSVP.

More Impact, Less Stress!  -with- Mari Geasair

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