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Facebook Live Master Class
for Solopreneurs, Non-Profit Leaders, and Small Businesses

Four Fridays, 11:30 am-1:00 pm   MST, USA 8/3/18-8/24/18

Four Wednesdays 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm MST, USA  9/12/18 - 10/03/18 $195
Live Training via Video Conference Call and Through FB Live in a Private Practice Group 

 On-Demand Learning Videos also Included
Limit 10 participants

To register, email Mari directly at

Facebook Live Master Class
for Solopreneurs, Non-Profit Leaders, and Small Businesses

Four Wednesdays 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm MST, USA  3/7/18 - 3/28/18 $125
Live Training via Video Conference Call and Through FB Live in a Private Group  

On-Demand Learning Videos also Included
Limit 10 participants

To register, email Mari directly at

Get everything you need to make Facebook Live your secret weapon for crazy-effective marketing and high impact client engagement. 

While many of the recent changes Facebook has made make it more difficult for Solopreneurs and small business owners to achieve solid marketing traction, without spending significantly on advertisements, FB live streaming is gaining in reach and impact.

If you are a freelancer, consultant, coach, healer or other service-based solopreneur looking to attract new clients or uplevel your personal brand, you are in luck live streaming on Facebook is a powerful tool that can help you quickly achieve your goals. This class will show you how to get more impact from your live streaming! 

This unique Facebook Livestream course is also for introverts, intellectuals, and creatives who want to find authentic and meaningful ways to connect with customers without sleazy selling.

If you have assumed that Facebook Live is just for extroverts, entertainers and people doing product demos, you are wrong. Facebook Live can be a great tool for everyone if it is used strategically and mindfully.

You really can create great looking videos, turn browsers into buyers, build a valuable library of reusable content, and initiate relationships with leaders in your industry through Facebook Live. 

And, you can do it even if know nothing about video marketing, consider yourself to be “non-technical” introvert. 

This practical and lively class will provide you with the basics and the pro tips and tricks to make it easy. 

You will also learn how to develop a solid business strategy around your live-streaming, instead of just "hopping on and talking" and hoping it will magically lead to sales. 

Best of all, you will get access to a private Facebook Live Rehearsal studio where you can practice and get personal, detailed, and supportive, feedback from Mari to help you easily access your personal best with live streaming.


We will cover specific tools and techniques to help you:

>>> Create professional looking, personally branded videos on a tiny budget.

>>> Grow an audience of viewers even if you have relatively few Facebook followers.

>>> Quickly and reliably help potential clients to “know, like and trust” you.

>>> Find engaging content ideas, even if you think your business is “boring.”

>>> Learn how to decrease nervousness and increase your on-camera charisma.

>>> Help viewers keep coming back to watch more videos and interact with you.

>>> Re-purpose your live-streams into added value for existing clients.

>>> Use your Facebook Live broadcasts a foundation for new income opportunities.

>>> Build “custom audiences” of engaged fans you can cheaply and easily advertise your products and services to in the future.

Specific topics covered:

Class One:

A) Your Business Strategy for Facebook Live

The four business models for live streaming
How Facebook Live can increase your income, even when you have a tiny following
Off-line ways you can use Facebook Live to grow your business

B) Basic Broadcasting

Know the Lingo- simple definitions for marketing, video, performance and Facebook terms it is important for you to know
Where and how to share your live-streams (Profiles, Pages, Groups, Events and more)
Editing and Deleting videos
Sharing and Downloading videos
Posting videos as a “guest” on other pages
Basic etiquette for Facebook Live
Ethical guidelines for lawyers, therapists and other professionals who need to honor confidentiality and manage service disclaimers

Class Two:

A) Production Values- How to Look Good on a Budget

Basic Equipment- "must have" and "nice to have" to start going live
Quick and cheap hacks to make your videos look better- without fancy equipment
Your Environment- how to “frame your shot” so that you look more professional
Your Sound: tips and tricks for a sound that keeps people listening
Your Light: how to make your video look bright, balanced and inviting
Your Look: wardrobe and makeup tips that look classy and feel authentic

B) Creating Killer Content

How to generate great content ideas
Ways to describe your live-streams so that they get more views
Grab attention fast- how to create a strong introduction for your live-stream
Ending your videos like a pro

Class Three:

A) Building an Audience

Why building the right audience matters
What not to do to build your audience
Effective ways to encourage people to watch live
How to boost your re-play views and keep the momentum going
How to create and use a broadcasting schedule to increase your impact

B) Performance Tips-How to Be More Confident, Authentic, and Engaging

The warmup- how to do it and why you want to do it
Conquering stage fright
How to eliminate the voice ticks that reduce your credibility
How to avoid rambling and sounding confused or insecure
How to build buzz and grow the audience of live viewers
Engaging with comments and questions
Dealing with trolls and negative viewers
What to do “when things go wrong”
Being enthusiastic without sounding or feeling “fake”
Finding your own authentic and unique style

Class Four:

A) Advanced Broadcasting

Embedding Live-streams on your blog or website
Broadcasting from your desktop (with FREE OBS software)
Using slides and visual aids
Doing live interviews with people in remote locations
Using external tools such as Zoom, Be-live and others for interviews
Syndicating your live-stream to multiple pages at once

B) Authentic “Selling” with Facebook Live

How to avoid being obnoxious and getting ignored
How to use Facebook Live to grow your email list
Being a live-streaming guest in other groups and on other pages
Using Facebook Live to help you get speaking gigs offline
When to sell and when not to sell during a live-stream
How to get new business from your live-streams without ever asking for the sale