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Mari Geasair is a small business strategist, trainer, and consultant who specializes in helping therapists, healers and transformational professionals find more success with less stress. 

She has been an entrepreneur for over 35 years and has worked with thousands of small business owners and self-employed individuals through one-one consulting, classes, and public speaking.  

In addition to working as a coach, Mari has owned and operated multiple successful businesses of her own including a boarding kennel, a customer service call center, a specialty bookstore, a theater troupe, and an arts marketing consultancy. 

Mari studied theatre at the University of Colorado Boulder  Campus and is a Coach University CTP graduate.

For more information about specific skills, background and  professional contacts feel free to visit her LinkedIn page at:

Brie Chambers
Ideal Bookkeeping

"My business has gone off the charts. I have 3 full-time employees and more business that we know what to do with. I farm out referrals that I don't want and have set up 3 other bookkeepers over the years with full-time work. 

I've always been a great bookkeeper but I couldn't have put this company together without your help.

I've always been a good person ~ but never as peaceful and fulfilled as I have been since my time with you ~ learning how important it is to breathe among other things!"

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