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So, Mari's awesome!!

Her teaching style helps you discover your own unique voice and figure out what strategies work best for you.

​She's super supportive, constantly thinking of ways to help you implement your plan, develop your niche and expand your referral network. And what I loved most, was that she understood where I was going, even when I didn't. 

Meet Mari Geasair, Public Speaking Coach

Hi, I’m Mari Geasair a teacher, strategist and business consultant who works with Freelancers, Solopreneurs, Artists and Mental Health Professionals who are on a mission to make the world a better place.

I am obsessive about empowering the people who are healing the world to heal their businesses and thrive, without going batty or getting burned out in the process!

The desire to share practical solutions with my fellow solopreneurs comes from many decades peeking “behind the curtain.”  I know firsthand the reality of what it truly takes to run a successful one-person business or private practice.

Erin Linehan, LPC

The Kali Institute

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and owned five businesses of my own. In addition, I have spent over 19,000 hours working personally with small business owners and self-employed individuals through one-one consulting and small group classes. I also have extensive experience providing speaking programs and trainingsto larger groups of entrepreneurs.

When it comes to the issues small business owners face, If I haven’t “seen it all” by now, I have certainly seen a lot of it!

And through it all, I find myself consistently awed and inspired by the many amazing individuals out there making it work, living their dreams and positively transforming lives through the services they offer.

BUT, the journey is seldom an easy one. Thriving while self-employed requires more than just talent and passion.

My own journey and the journeys of the thousands of business creators I have been privileged to work with has proved to me that success requires personal and
practical transformation.

It takes a ton of heart and passion to succeed. And, it also requires plenty of real-world skills and in-depth knowledge.

Unfortunately, it often requires skills and knowledge that many heart-centered solopreneurs have never been exposed to before going into business on their own.

The problem with succeeding in a private practice or solo-business is that it can be a case of “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And, to make matters worse it seems like everyone has “one quick trick” they want to share with you that will make everything instantly better if you just pay them a ton of money right now.

I don’t believe it works that way. I think it takes time and effort to find your own path and build reliable success on your own terms.

I get deep satisfaction out of supporting solopreneurs to find their way through the maze. I love to help people learn what it is they need to know about running a business. I also love helping them save time money and sanity by learning how to spot and ignore the advice that might be trivial, outdated or manipulative.

Sure, I sell things too. But my programs and consulting are less about “one quick trick” and more about a slow and steady transformation. My goal is to help thoughtful, skilled professionals develop core skills and attitudes that support them as they challenge the rules and do things their own way.

I am deeply inspired every time I see an independent spirit succeed at living their dream.

I am particularly inspired by artists, healers, authors, Mental Health Professionals and others who do the difficult, and much needed work of helping people transform. Those who help others to connect with a deeper vision, stay inspired and overcome the obstacles and challenges that keep them from being able to live their lives as their healthy best selves.

If that sounds like you, I would love to connect. Please check out my classes and consulting services, or connect with me in my free private Facebook Group.

I look forward to learning more about you.

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