There are plenty of classes and seminars out there that will teach you a particular skill such as social media marketing or how to write a business plan.

But for many highly talented and trained service professionals, these classes don’t provide the help they really need in order to build and maintain a highly successful business.

More Clients, Less Stress! is one of few programs that will help you to transform the way you think as a business owner and leverage your unique strengths to create a more rewarding private practice.

Unlike most business instruction, the More Clients, Less Stress! program helps you blend distinct but complementary business skills into a complete system for personalized success. It is designed to be immediately practical and tailored to your unique needs.

The program’s lasting impact comes from a unique blend of education in Entrepreneurial Intelligence, Authentic Marketing and Practice Management.

LIVE Teleseminar Group: Thursdays, 

February 16th 2017 - April 27th 2017.

4:30 pm- 6:00pm MST USA

(Start time 6:30 pm Eastern Time/ 3:30 pm Pacific Time)

No Meetings 3/10 or 4/7 

Cost: $390 if registered before 2/9/17 (2 payments of $195)

Credit Cards Accepted.


  • Social Workers 
  • Psychotherapists
  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Natural Healers
  • Bodyworkers
  • Fitness Professionals
  • Professional Speakers
  • Spiritual Healers
  • And Many Others

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The Ideal Member?

More Clients, Less Stress!  Is  designed for service professionals working with clients to help them transform their lives and lead more authentic and balanced lives.

The More Clients Less Stress teleseminar and accompanying inensives are for professionals who are serious about authentic success and are actively in business for themselves or with a partner.


Successful past participants include:




The Group?

The More Clients,Less Stress! Class & Coaching Group:

More Clients, Less Stress! is a program that lets you create both more prosperity and more sanity. It helps you achieve more of what you want, without working harder or miraculously finding a way to work a 28-hour day. It is specifically created for consultants, designers, financial specialists, healers and other “service professionals.”

The More Clients, Less Stress!  program will show you exactly how to attract new clients, make working with your current clients more rewarding, and build the systems you need to reduce stress and avoid setbacks.

More Clients, Less Stress! with Mari Geasair 

You can succeed as a soloprenuer, without working yourself into the grave or losing your authenticity.  

All you need is the right support, better information, and the courage to take action to make your dreams happen.

To help you on your journey, Mari Geasair offers classes, private coaching, and a Facebook community. 

This page provides information on our core competency course "More Clients, Less Stress!" This is a powerful learning experience for solopreneurs starting out, or needing to get serious about the "business side of the business."

Also feel free to check out our financial foundation class "Authentic Abundance 2017" and our Facebook Business Page where we do FREE educational "Coffee Chats" on building your business several times a week.

Practical Business Education to Speed Your Success!

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