Private Consulting and Strategy Sessions


If you have an important speech coming up,  are creating a course of your own, or just want to learn how to present with more confidence, authenticity, and charisma- I do offer private coaching to motivated professionals in the Denver Colorado area.

To inquire about private presentation coaching please contact me directly.

On-Demand Courses

Private Speech & Presentation Coaching


Get fresh information, find answers to your personal questions, take more action and connect with a tribe of like-minded professionals.

All of our classes limited in size and delivered by live video conference.

To see the list of upcoming live classes, please click here.

It IS Possible To Make Success Easier!

All you need is the right support, better information, and the courage to take action to make your dreams happen.

If you provide the courage and the action, I would love to provide the support and information.

Please explore the course offerings on this page and join me if you are ready to work together to create new possibilities.



Release your full potential with strategy and support completely tailored to your unique needs and priorities.

For more information about private coaching with Mari Geasair, please click here.


Learn on your own timeline and at your own pace.  And review the material any time you want! My on-demand courses come with private message boards for Q&A  and access to a private Facebook Group for additional support and special events in addition to the fully on-demand video content and worksheets.

Check out the course on Confidence and Charisma for Online Video Here.

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Live, Interactive Classes

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It is time to let yourself shine! The world needs your light.

Public Speaking Classes and Coaching To Help You Have More Impact, And Less Stress!

If you are a  subject matter expert, coach, consultant or healing professional on a mission to make the world a happier, healthier place, you know that it can be hard to step forward, be seen and attract more clients and opportunities.

There are the incredible highs that come from providing exceptional service and helping others to transform their worlds for the better.

But putting yourself forward to attract the clients you want to help can be hard to do. Especially if you need to do that through public speaking or online video creation.

That is where I come in.

Hi, I am Mari Geasair and I'm on a mission to help you succeed without going crazy in the process.

I am a public speaking coach and instructor that understands what it is like to be a Soloprenuer or independent professional trying to build a brand while still providing excellent service to your existing clients.

I am dedicated to helping the savvy solopreneurs and service professionals to strategically create more joy, abundance and professional influence.

You can have a greater impact on the world and help more people will thriving financially and personally. 

To help you on your journey, I offer:

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